Driving Questions

Who created Minecraft 
and how was it Made?

The Amazing Unlikely Story of How Minecraft was born
The Evolution Of Minecraft
Interview with Markus "Notch" Perrson
Coding With Notch

What can I find out about dinosaurs?
Dinosaurs on World Book

How many different Rainbow loom
bracelets are there and how do you
make a Bead Ladder Bracelet?

Rainbow Loom Official Site

Who is Selena Gomez 
and why is she famous?
Selena Gomez Article on World Book
Selena Gomez - Britannica
Disney Channel Interviews Selena Gomez 
Selena Gomez on Regis and Kelly

What can I find out about whales? 
Whales - World Book

How big is the biggest whale?

Who is Tom Brady 
and why is he famous?

Tom Brady Article on World Book
Tom Brady - Mini Biography

Why do Kangaroos have pouches?
Tell Me Why - Animal Facts
Kangaroo - World Book Article

How do you craft items in Minecraft?
The Ultimate Minecraft Beginners Guide! - "Basic Crafting"
Tools, Weapons and Armor

Who is Lionel Messi
and why is he famous?

Lionel Messi - Britannica ESPN Player Profile

What is the Giants Record
this year and how does it 
compare to past Seasons?
Official Website of NY Giants

2015 New York Giants