Book Care

Please use a 2.5 Gallon plastic zip bag inside your backpack to protect your library books.

Take good care of our school's library books so that they will last for many years. We want many other friends to be able to enjoy our fabulous collection of new books.

  1. Always handle books with clean hands.
  2. Never scribble or write in library books. Keep your books safe from young children who may draw in them.
  3. Be careful turning pages so they won’t wrinkle or tear.
  4. Keep your library books away from food and drinks. DO NOT bring your school library books to lunch.
  5. Keep your library books clean and dry. Protect them from rain.
  6. Keep your books safe from pets that may chew them.
  7. Carry your library books in your backpack.
  8. Keep library books in a special place at home so you will remember where they are and they will be kept safe. Your backpack is a great place to keep your books.
  9. Use a bookmark or piece of paper to mark your stopping point in a book.
  10. Return your library books on time so others can read them, too.

Thank you for loving your library books!


Don't Let the Pigeon Read the Books