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Human Body Links:

Kids Health: My Body

Designed for elementary and middle-school kids, this site is fun and noisy. Click on the girl's heart to hear it beating, or over her intestines for a ... never mind. You'll have to visit to find out! But this Kids Health site is not all funny noises, click on any of the menu items (bone, brain, skin, teeth, etc.) to jump to an educational article. If it doesn't seem to work, you will need to disable your popup blocker for the entire site. Other related topics include Growing Up, Dealing with Feelings, and Staying Healthy.

MEDtropolis: Virtual Body

The Virtual Body (or "El Cuerpo Virtual" in Spanish) can be viewed in both English and Spanish. Suitable for all ages, it offers narrated multimedia anatomy lessons, animated illustrations, and educational games such as Build a Skeleton and Organize Your Organs. The site covers four anatomical topics: the brain, skeleton, heart and digestive tract. Within each topic, my favorite click is the Narrated Tour (sometimes called a Guided Tour.)