WHS School Counseling Department

The mission of the Stamford Public Schools Counseling Department is to empower students to be self-aware, to take ownership of their academic growth, and to plan for the future. This will be accomplished through the equitable delivery of a comprehensive school counseling program. 


Our Stamford Public Schools graduates will:  

  • Participate as responsible and productive members of society.
  • Advocate for themselves and others.
  • Collaborate effectively.
  • Develop a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and personal well-being.  
  • Engage in lifelong learning.  
  • Use critical thinking skills.
  • Adapt to an ever-changing global society.

The School Counselors of the Stamford Public Schools believe the following: 

  • All students can succeed.
  • We are advocates for students, families, and for our profession.
  • Collaborating with students, families, staff and community will enhance connectedness.
  • All students can grow in mind, body, and heart. 
  • Using data will help to evaluate and support both student and program needs. 
  • Student self-awareness contributes to college and career success.

Follow @westhillcounselors for school news, information related to college visits, career information, important dates, career center events, school events, and much more. It is a great new way that the department is sharing information with both students and parents. 

Westhill School Counselors




Paola Ochoa - Department Head

[email protected]

(203) 977-4483

Joseph Andrews

[email protected]

(203) 977-5514

Melissa Dunsmore

[email protected]

(203) 977-5747

Aland Joseph

[email protected]

(203) 977-4697

Ashley Katz (Bunn)

[email protected]

(203) 977-5992

Mark Marchesani

[email protected]

(203) 977-5750

Mindy Midy

[email protected]

(203) 977-4499

Spiro Milas

[email protected]

(203) 977-5748

Christine Mitchell

[email protected]

(203) 977-4431

Tanya Small

[email protected]

(203) 977-4503

Thomas Stepkoski

[email protected]

(203) 977-5535

Nicole Vazquez

[email protected]

(203) 977-4501




TALK IT OUT LINE 1-833-258-5011 For parents and caregivers who need someone to listen, to understand and to talk your feelings out.

http://www.talkitoutct.comTALK IT OUT LINE - 1-833-258-5011 - For parents and caregivers who need someone to listen, to understand and to talk your feelings out.