Fall 2020 Sports Registration Is Now Open

Westhill Vikings

The registration period for fall sports is now open. The window will be open until midnight on Friday July 31. All students planning on playing a fall sport, including incoming freshmen, must sign up during this period. If you plan on playing a fall sport and do not sign up during the early registration your participation will be delayed until the start of school. The registration link is on the athletics website (westhillathletics.org). If you have not set up an account on the website before, you will need to do so prior to registering. Do NOT use your Stamford Public Schools email as the email for your account as that is a closed system and the registration will not go through. Once you have set up and confirmed your account, you will need to log on to the website and click on the registration link to register. The registration will take about 10 minutes to complete.  

Official start dates are as follows:

  • Football:   Thursday August 13
  • Cheer:   TBA
  • All Other sports:  Thursday August 27

Actual days and times are set by each programs head coach and will be posted on this site shortly.  Please contact our Athletic Director, Dick Cerone ([email protected]) if you need further information.