AP testing will begin on May 11th! Testing information updates

AP testing will begin on May 11th!

Hello AP Students and Families, AP testing will begin on May 11th! I wanted to reach out with some final information that might be helpful. Most of this is general information that applies to all AP exams. In the end, you will find direct links to relevant College and AP websites where you can access all of the information. This email is meant as an FAQ for the things we think will come up the most.

General Information

Accessing Tickets/Log In Link to Test: You will receive an email two days before your exam with your ticket to test, but test tickets will also appear automatically in your MyAP account (NOT individual AP classrooms). You must have access to your email and/or your MyAP account to get your ticket!

Know Your Times!: AP tests are scheduled for 12:00 pm, 2 pm, and 4 pm. Carefully read the exam schedule and know YOUR test times.


Test Security- you have to log in 30min early to get past security questions. If you don’t log in beforehand, you lose time as you answer security questions.        

Likely security questions: We don’t know what the security questions will be, but they are supposed to identify you. So, make sure you know your: address, email you gave in your AP account, birthday, APID, etc. Write them down if needed!

Using the Right Browser: The exams will not load properly on Internet Explorer - you need to be using a different browser. Download one now if you need it! Safari (standard on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads), Chrome, and Firefox all work. Chrome is recommended.

May vs. June: All testing students will AUTOMATICALLY be sent a test ticket for their May test date. Can’t test in May? DON’T OPEN THE TICKET/TEST! Students who don’t open their May test will AUTOMATICALLY be sent a test ticket in June. 

Don’t want to test at all? DON’T OPEN ANY OF THE TICKETS/TESTS! You will receive a refund at a later dateHowever, if you log in to your test, YOU CANNOT HAVE A REFUND. 

**Be aware, no help or exception testing will be available after June. If you have difficulties with your June test, there is nothing that can be done. We strongly recommend you test in May**

Testing Day Issues: If you have issues during your test (you are sick, internet goes down, sibling closes your test window, etc.), DON’T call the College Board- call centers are CLOSED, DO NOT EMAIL ME NOR YOUR AP TEACHERS. You can fill out an incident/exception form and apply to take the June test. You have to do that within 48 hours of your May test. The form can be found here: cb.org/requestmakeup


Before and During Testing

AP Worksheets: If you can, print the AP worksheet and fill it out before each test- it will streamline logging in and help you be prepared. If you can’t print it, create your own with the same information on it. Have it with you for the exam, or go to school and pick it up. There is a WB Mason put out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in front of the main doors. Everything is labeled folders by course, and it says AP checklist. 

Practice the Demo test: Log in to the AP Demo test (cb.org/apdemo) and practice on the device you will use to test. Practice uploading answers different ways to figure out what is best for you.

**If you will be using paper and pencil or Google docs and loading pictures/attaching, get your answer papers ready ahead of time with your AP ID, initials, and page numbers at the top.**

Disable Notifications/Sleep Mode/Grammarly App/Incoming calls: Disable any pop-up notifications and set up Do Not Disturb for any device you are working on. If you use the Grammarly app, IT HAS TO BE DISABLED. It is incompatible with the AP exam, and your exam will not load with it. If you are using an iPhone and plan to submit answers via photo, you have to disable Live Photos- they won’t upload correctly.

Cheating: AP will be closely monitoring exams for cheating. Make sure you are not: copying answers from anywhere, using a shared Google Drive to type answers, etc., during the exam. Expect that they will be monitoring your device while you test. Know that they will be checking for plagiarism, and sending your test answers to your teachers as an additional check. Know they will notify colleges you apply to (or have applied to) if they catch you cheating. It is not worth it!

Open Note Exams: You can access notes, books, and even the internet during your exam to help you answer questions. However, this means that AP will be looking for ideas and synthesis, not easy to find dates and names for test answers. You must prepare ahead of time to be able to answer things well on a limited-time test! Do not count on being able to look things up AND answer well in such a short answer period. You still need to study! Have notes and materials organized and close by so you don’t waste time looking for them.

Submitting Your Answers: Once you have 5 minutes left on each question, the website will tell you it is time to submit. If you don’t upload and submit your answers within those 5 minutes, you will receive NO CREDIT for your answer! It is better to upload an incomplete answer than lose out. College Board has stated it will still be possible to make a high score with a strong but incomplete answer. Uploads will continue in the background once you hit submit- it will be ok if the next question starts before then as long as you have hit submit.

Response Format: You can choose to upload photos of handwritten work, attach files, or copy and paste work you typed elsewhere into the answer sections. Practice and see what works best for you! Things to note: you have to turn off live photos on iPhones- they will not upload correctly. You can’t mix types in one question- as in, you can’t both upload a file and type in the answer box. Each question can be answered using only one method. Handwritten is fine, and you are not ‘graded’ on your handwriting, but unreadable answers can’t be scored because the graders literally can’t read them. The key here is practice, practice, practice with the demo test on the device you will test on.

Specialty Tests: Students taking the AP Music Theory, Spanish Language, and AP Art classes should be working closely with their teachers to understand and practice their special responses. Each of these teachers can provide detailed information for their specific exams.

Finishing the Exam: Once you finish, DO NOT close anything or go back until you have the confirmation that your exam was submitted, even if that takes a few minutes. Remember, people across the world are uploading at the same time, and it might take time to get your confirmation.


Here are direct links to the various College Board Information Sites:

Detailed Exam Day FAQ: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/faqs/indepth-for-educators/day-of-exam

For the most up to date information for parents and families, visit here: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/

For information specifically for AP students, go here: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students

See the exam schedule here; please note we live in the Eastern Time Zone!: AP Exam Schedule

Check out the AP YouTube Channel for videos on preparing for and taking your exams!


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