Registration for UCONN ECE

Registration for UCONN ECE Courses begins April 15th.

Please see your Counselor for instruction on how to register.

Being a part of UCONNN Early College Experience (ECE) means you are a part of the University of Connecticut. By taking UCONN courses through UCONN ECE, you have officially started your college career and are considered a non-degree student at the University of Connecticut.

The benefits you get are the reason that UCONN ECE exists. Students can graduate from high school with:

  • Over a semesters worth of college credits.
  • An official UCONN transcript verifying highly transferable college credits.
  • An understanding of the academic requirements and a belief in your ability to succeed in college courses.
  • A competitive advantage when applying to college.
  • Significant financial savings in paying for college.
  • A head-start in a chosen field of study.

ECE Courses at Westhill High School

If you are signed up for any of these courses you must see your counselor for directions on how to register online for UCONN.

  1. ECE English 11 - English 1010
  2. ECE U.S. History - History 1501 and 1501
  3. ECE European History - History 1300
  4. ECE Microeconomics - Econ 1201
  5. ECE Essential of Econ - Econ 1000
  6. ECE Calculus AB - Math 1131 Q
  7. ECE Statistic - Stat 1100Q
  8. ECE Env. Science - ​NRE 1000
  9. ECE Horticulture - ​Hort 1110
  10. ECE Biotechnology - ​PLSC 3240