Guidance Video Series

College Timeline

College Timeline Part One

What to do once you become a junior and start thinking about college? What tests do I take? How do I apply? When do I apply? How can I use Naviance to help guide me? Answers are all in this video. Watch on YouTube:

College Timeline Part Two

A continuation of Part 1 - what the college process will look like from your Junior year (March, April) until and throughout your Senior Year of April. Watch this video for some great reminders and tips!! Watch on YouTube:

Using Naviance

Module 1 - Why Naviance? (Mr. Milas & Mr. Stepkoski)

Why Naviance? Why do students use Naviance at Westhill? Tune in to this audio segment to see what Naviance is used for. Assessments, College Searches, Scholarships, Career Exploration, Naviance has it all!! Watch on YouTube:

Module 2 - Career Center Visitations for Presentations (Ms. Bunn & Mr. Stepkoski)

Would you like to listen to a representative from a certain college or university speak about his or her school? Would you like the opportunity to ask questions to a representative of a certain school? Would you like to attend presentation about the military? How about sign up to receive help in filling out your financial aid forms? It's all done through Naviance by signing up for a Career Center visitation or presentation. Watch on YouTube:

Module 3 - Importance of Contact, Email, Personal Profile (Ms. Mitchell & Mr. Stepkoski)

Stay connected with your counselor by emailing them through Naviance. Also, if your email changes watch this module to see how to edit your personal profile and contact info. Watch on YouTube:

Module 4 - Constructing a Resume (Mr. Milas & Mr. Stepkoski)

The Resume function, even though it is underutilized in Naviance, is one of the best kept hidden secrets out there in the Naviance world. Problem is.....we don't want it to be a secret!! We want you to construct your resume right on Naviance because it is so easy to work with the format!! Watch on YouTube:

Module 5 - Career Exploration (Mr. Stepkoski)

Undecided on what type of career to pursue? Not sure exactly what your proposed career looks like in regards to schooling, duties, salary, and other pertinent info? Watch this module on what you can do in the "careers" tab on Naviance!! Watch on YouTube:

Module 6 - Supermatching!! (Mr. Stepkoski)

Want to attend secondary educational institutions but not sure what type or which one? Filter out a search and brainstorm 2 year, 4 year colleges, technical schools, academies, junior colleges, etc. Start here if you are starting out with no idea of where you are headed!! Watch on YouTube:

Module 7 - Colleges I'm Thinking About (Mr. Andrews & Mr. Stepkoski)

Already know what schools you might be applying to? Do a virtual rough draft filing cabinet of your prospective schools in the Colleges I'm Thinking About Tab so you can compare it to your own student scores and profile. You are not 100% definitely applying to these schools but are just "thinking about it", hence the phrase, "Colleges I'm Thinking About". Watch on YouTube:

Module 8 - Colleges I'm Applying To (Mr. Andrews & Mr. Stepkoski)

So you've narrowed down your list of colleges you want to apply what? Mr. Andrews takes us step by step through how to apply, how to request your transcript electronically, and other important steps in the sequence. Watch on Youtube:

Module 9 - Common Application Account Matching (Ms. Mitchell & Mr. Stepkoski)

Why do I have to match my common application account? Where on Naviance do I do that? Ms. Mitchell takes us through these simple steps and explains the importance of why we match our common application account in Naviance. Watch on YouTube:

Module 10 - Teacher Recommendations for College (Ms. Bunn & Mr. Stepkoski)

See what is needed and recommended by counselors as far as recommendations are concerned for the institutions you will be applying to. What does Naviance have to do with any of this? Watch, listen, and find out!! Crucial info!! Watch on YouTube:

Module 11 - Updating Naviance about your College Acceptances (Ms. Badini & Mr. Stepkoski)

You've been receiving letters of acceptance from colleges. You have also been deferred and waitlisted by some schools. Don't forget that you must update your Naviance account!! Why? Watch this video to found out..... Watch on YouTube:

Module 12 - Scholarships (Ms. Badini & Mr. Stepkoski)

Find out how to look for Scholarships on Naviance!! Watch on YouTube: