Grading System

Academic Performance: Behavior

- Excellent1 - Excellent
- Good- Satisfactory
- Average- Unsatisfactory
D - Passing 
- Failing 

Criteria for Honor Roll:

Those who earn high marks in all subjects will be listed on the Honor Roll for each quarter. In order to make the Honor Roll, a student should earn all A's and B's and not more than one C. Also, there are to be no 3's in behavior and/or effort.

Reporting to Parents:

Report cards are issued four times a year. Because of the data processing system of reporting, the parents/guardian may keep the report card issued each quarter. Only the report card envelope must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned by the student on the day following report card issuance. Signing the report card envelope does not necessarily indicate parental approval of the grades, but merely indicates that a parent/guardian has received the card. Questions concerning the grades may be phoned to the guidance counselor.

Progress Reports to Parents:

In order to keep parents fully informed of the student's progress, our public schools issue reports to parents during each mid-quarter of the school year notifying them of their student's progress. A computer-generated form listing each subject status of academic performance, commendation and recommendations for improving Is sent home before the end of each quarterly marking period.