Report Cards & Important Information

How to access your child's report card.

Dear Elementary School Parents,


Thank you for all of your support and co-teaching during the third marking period. We appreciate your partnership as we transitioned from teaching in our buildings to a distance teaching and learning environment.  The report card for the third marking has changed to reflect the unique teaching and learning environment. Your child’s teacher has assessed your child’s development against grade level expectations in the areas of reading, writing, and math by marking “above the standard”, “met the standard”, or “working toward the standard”. Teachers were also given an opportunity to provide comments for other areas such as science, social studies, art, music and physical education, if needed.

The report card for the third marking period will be provided digitally.  You must have a PowerSchool Account to view your child's report card beginning Wednesday, June 17th.  For an ACCESS ID and PASSWORD, please contact the main office at your child’s school.

If your child has been invited to our Summer Success Program, please register online as soon as possible. Summer school for our k-3 students will receive small group literacy instruction online from July 6th through July 30th. We are currently developing a program for our 4th and 5th grade students and invitations to this program will be sent this week.

The SPS Teaching and Learning Department has developed a resource to easily access literacy and math activities for your child over the summer. Please follow this link to grade level appropriate resources:

In addition, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) is proud to announce the 2020 Summer Learning Challenge series with the launch of the 2020 Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge: Imagine Your Story and the 2020 Commissioner’s Summer Math Challenge: Mathematics: The Key to the Future. Designed to engage students in learning over the summer, participation in the 2020 Summer Learning Challenge series will assist students in accelerating their learning and preparation for the upcoming school year.

Have a wonderful summer, stay safe and well!

The SPS Teaching & Learning Department