About Us

What We Offer

In 2018, Toquam was recognized as a “School of Distinction” by the State Department of Education. This honor was achieved through our commitment to provide data-driven, small group instruction designed to meet the individual learning needs and styles of our students.     

Picture 3Toquam Magnet is committed to individualized, child-centered, hands on learning experiences which develop the minds, hearts and bodies of our students. We provide deep learning opportunities reflected in instructional time devoted to science and social studies, special areas (art, music, media and physical education) aligned to grade level curriculum, as well as field trips designed to enhance classroom experiences. In partnership with Literacy How, our teachers are focused on literacy instruction across all content areas.

As members of a global society, we recognize the importance of technology in the lives of our students. We currently have a 1:1 Chromebook to student ratio in our fifth grades and we are committed to Picture 2increasing technology opportunities that prepare our students for their learning on the secondary level.

Behavioral expectations are clear and consistent for all students as we practice “Respect for Ourselves, Others and the Environment”. We are thrilled to have a new, state of the art playground, Kota’s Place, for our students to build friendships and interactive play skills in a beautiful safe setting.