Communication Sheet

Strawberry Hill, an extension of Rogers International School, is an inter-district magnet offering the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program for grades K-4. In the fall of 2019 we will move into our brand new campus. In the fall of 2020 we will offer the Middle Years Program in 5th Grade. We will continue to expand the MYP program until we reach 8th grade in 2023.


What We Offer

What We Do

The IB program strives to develop caring,
life-long learners that embody the
attributes of the Learner Profile. We are a
collaborative learning organization of
students, teachers, parents and
community members who, through the IB
program, promote real world application
and concept-based understanding. We
encourage student action and reflection.
We challenge students to be
internationally minded by examining
multiple perspectives and respecting
other cultures and beliefs.
We pride ourselves on a strong growing
community with active family
participation. Together, we are
developing new traditions that showcase
our learning and shape our school
culture. We are building the foundation
of a vibrant school community where we
foster a sense of belonging and purpose.
The practice of life-long learning is central
to our beliefs. Our dedicated and
knowledgeable staff continually
participates in professional development
across multiple disciplines. This includes
a Literacy How partnership with in-house
coaching, Dr. Ban Har & Greg Tang Math,
IBO World workshops, and Social
Emotional Learning.
• Enrichment Clubs
• Lego Robotics
• Animal Embassy
• Cooking
• Zumba
• STEMFest
• Strawberry Dash
• Buddy Bench Initiative
• Environmental Ambassadors Club
• Partnership with ROSCCO
• Extended-day Care
• Community Food drives
• Sweetheart Dance
• Family Welcome Picnic
• Strawberry Stars Picnic celebration
• Family Fun Nights
• Literacy How Coaching
• Greg Tang Math Night
• Family Story-Telling
• Grade Level Fieldtrips
• Learning to Look
• School-wide Assemblies
• Reading Challenge
• Mindfulness Initiative
• Yoga
• Spanish
• Grade level Reflection Meetings
• PTO Sponsored Play Dates
• Dance Residency
• Jump Rope for Heart
• Chorus
• Strawberry Hill won first place in the
  2018 SPS Video Challenge

School Information

Student/Certified Staff Ratio
Frank Rodriguez

E: [email protected]

Assistant Principal
Sandra Carlton

E: [email protected]

Regular School Hours
8:45 am-3:30 pm
Early Dismissal Hours
8:45 am -1:20 pm
2-hour Delayed Opening
10:45 am-3:30 pm

SPS - Strawberry Hill Communication Sheet