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June 16, 2021

Dear Stillmeadow Families,

As I write my final message for the 2020-2021 school year, I am in awe of all that we have accomplished, and that we seem to be on our way to almost normal. My final report on COVID positive cases for the year is 0 cases reported last week.

I hope that you will all take some time to enjoy the outdoors, possibly travel a bit, enjoy the beach, lake or pool, and celebrate the opportunity to be social again.

I have spent time  celebrating with your children last week and these final days this week. I am so inspired by their enthusiasm even as we approach summer vacation. Students have been excited to perform plays as they culminated Greek Mythology in grade 4. Our fifth graders enjoyed field events, and a catered picnic lunch, and yearbook signing. Their Moving Up ceremony was a glorious day, and pictures can be viewed on our school website. Grade 2 created a half day of stations for hands-on science and crafts for outdoor learning. Grades K, and 1 and 3 all celebrated with theme based days, and special surprise events and treats.

These celebrations were much needed as so much of this school year was spent socially distanced, and with less opportunity to mingle with friends in other classes.

I am hoping that as we plan for a new school year, that we will be able to share with you that our return to school will resemble what our students had come to know as a “new school year”.

I thank you for the hours spent supporting your children at home and for your attention to the safety protocols that allowed us to remain in school. I can tell you that I witnessed smiling faces every day as I welcomed the students to school each morning. Please continue to work with your children by setting daily reading habits. We know that time spent reading contributes to students' growth in literacy achievement and helps build a mindset of reading to learn and for enjoyment. Please look for reading ideas in our summer reading opportunity shared on our school website. Know that I am only a phone call or email away, and am happy to chat with you if I can be of any support to you.

Finally, as we say goodbye to Mr. Bodofsky, Mrs. Brenner, and Ms. Sotzing, I wish them peace and joy in their retirement, and thank them for their dedication to our students throughout their years at Stillmeadow.

Be well, enjoy family, and the leisure time that summer vacation provides.


Mrs. Asaro



















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