Year End Material Pick Up & Drop Off

End of Year Wrap Up
Dear Stark School families,


Our hope is that this letter finds you and your families doing well and staying safe. As our school year ends amidst this COVID-19 public health emergency and during these unprecedented times, we want to plan for the most safe and effective drop off/retrieval schedule of student’s items. During the week of June 15, families will be provided a date and time slot to drop off as well as pick up items via a curbside drive-thru system. Below, we have outlined how we will accomplish these tasks while maintaining social distancing and adhering to all safety measures.

Students and families will have an opportunity to return and collect items Monday, June 15th- Thursday, June 18th. Throughout the process, described below, students and families will remain in their cars to collect and return items. Please help keep our staff safe and wear masks when coming to the school campus.

Coming to Stark Campus:

  • When entering back parking lot families will need to make a sign (piece of paper) and place on the front passenger side windshield of car
    • Last, First name
    • Grade/Teacher

Items to Return:

  • Classroom materials should be, labeled w/ student & teacher name. 
  • Library books  
  • Computers (Chrome Books)
  • All students enrolled with ESY and or Summer School for the 2020-2021 school year will keep computers and hotspots over the summer. Do not drop off technology at this event
  • Hot Spots in original package
  • Musical instruments/material should be labeled w/ grade and student name

Drop Off/Pick Up Directions:

  • Please try to arrive during your assigned time. Please be respectful of this process it may take some extra time to execute safely.
  • Pick-up must occur via car. No walk-up pick ups/drop offs will be allowed. (please make an appointment if this needed 203-977-4583)
  • FAMILIES MUST REMAIN IN THEIR CARS AT ALL TIMES. You may not exit your vehicle to get things out of the trunk or the back seat. If you have items in your trunk, you can open it and staff will retrieve items.
  • Staff members will not be able to hug, high 5, or make physical contact beyond supporting the transfer of materials. 
  • Cars will enter the drive-thru carline from the Oscar Street entrance and stop at the labeled stations.
  • Display your pre-made name sign in the front passenger side windshield.
  • Remain in a single file line along the curb. Continue pulling forward as you are able. There will be staff directing you. They may ask you to pull ahead to an assigned pick up location.  
  • Drop off/ pick up will occur in the drop-off/pick-up loop of the school, along the curb within our designated areas only. No parking please.  
  • Once you are stopped along the curb at the school, a staff member will take materials you are dropping off and provide the items you are picking up. You will hand over school/teacher items first, then staff will hand you your child’s pick-up items. 
  • Staff may not touch your car/open doors. 
  • Anything not picked up by June 19th will be disposed of or donated.

Drop Off/Pick Up Schedule:

Parents will use the following schedule to return to Stark to collect and return items:


June 15th

June 16th

June 17th

June 18th

June 19th

8:00 -  10:00


Last Name Starting with A-B


Last Name Starting with F-G


Last Name Starting with M-O


Last Name Starting with S-T



10:00 - 12:00



Last Name Starting with C-E



Last Name Starting with H-L



Last Name Starting with P-R



Last Name Starting with U-Z


*Open time can be used by those unable to attend their scheduled time.

Please be mindful of how your students will feel coming to school and potentially seeing familiar faces for the first time in over two months. Keeping our distance from those we have come to love and appreciate has been hard for our staff, and I suspect for your family as well. We miss our kids and families immensely! Again, thank you for your continued support of Stark School during this closure.  We appreciate your understanding and patience as we return items to your student.  We look forward to seeing everyone again very soon- even if it is through a car window.       


Mrs. DeRubeis