Letter from Administration - April 22nd

message from administration

Dear Stark Families,

Stark’s Distance Teaching and Learning Phase II communication is to provide updates on the importance of students' continued learning during this extended school closure time. We have put together a strong plan that will continue to support and provide meaningful learning opportunities for all our Stark Students while taking into account the varied family structures and dynamics that currently exist during these uncertain times.

We understand that for many families balancing homeschooling and life can add a variety of mixed feelings to an already stressful situation: However, with that being said we are committed to prioritizing the needs of our students and families here at Stark School! Many of the additional teaching and learning components proposed in the Phase 2 plan already are happening regularly. Our goal here is to continue to roll out a plan so that we can dedicate time and slots to meet individual needs while adding a layer of flexibility for students to continue to connect and access school.   

Please know that these expectations come with the notion that we are here to support you in every way needed. Teaching, learning, and leading virtually may feel challenging and lonely. But you are not alone. This transition to distance learning is a paradigm shift that requires all of us to readjust our thinking and skills while learning at the same time. As we move along we will all get more comfortable and improve upon our skills.  I would also like to reiterate the fact teachers are learning many new platforms and ways to deliver the best instruction to students so parents must partner with teachers and support their child's continued learning.

Stark Phase 2 Plan:

*   Stark Office Hours: M-W- FRI. 8:30-12:30 in school

  • Please make an appointment if you need to come in (203) 977-4583
  • Grab and Go Meals M-W-FRI. (10-12)

*   Parents & Students will: Create a schedule and set expectations around their child attending Google Classrooms every day.

  • Take morning roll call (Attendance)
  • Participate in all in-class learning sessions
  • Complete and submit work
  •  Reach out to teachers for further explanation and or questions about assignments or content being taught

*   Teachers will: Continue to communicate with families their daily/weekly schedule including expectations and or routines they have in place for students.

*  Teachers will: Deliver a variety of instructional methods, which will include pre-recorded video lessons, and or live lessons daily (MON-THUR) (mini-lessons, small group sessions, and or morning meetings) to further support the grade-level curriculum and standard expectations. (Literacy, Math, Science/Social Studies)

*   Teachers will: establish Office hours to communicate w/ families and or provide student support.

*   Students requiring additional services SPED, ELL, and or intervention will work with the teacher(s) to develop a plan in prioritizing workload.

*   Stark Support Staff will: Continue to collaborate and work with teachers, families, and students to support active distant learning, connection, and daily engagement of lessons being taught.

First and foremost our priority is to be sure that we are here to support the varied needs of students and families.  Please help us continue to foster the love of learning by insisting on building connections and supporting your child’s learning through active engagement. We are so grateful for your continued support and commitment. Please know that we are counting the days until we can come together again and continue to make Stark Strong! 


Thank you for your continued support and commitment,

Jennifer DeRubeis