School Counseling

Mission Statement

The mission of the Stamford Public Schools Counseling Department is to empower students to be self-aware, to take ownership of their academic growth, and to plan for the future. This will be accomplished through the equitable delivery of the comprehensive school counseling program.

About Our Department

The School Counselors meet with students throughout their high school career. Each meeting focuses on a varying aspect of helping students plan for their future after high school. 


  • 9th grade:
    • Students are introduced to their School Counselors through monthly developmental lessons conducted during Social Studies classes
    • Counselor introductions/ Attendance policy review/ Transcripts/ Graduation requirements/ Naviance access/ Interest inventory/ College search/ Report card review/Resume building/ etc.
  • 10th grade
    • October
      • PSAT preregistration and information
    • February
      • Counselors assist students with class selection for the upcoming school year
    • May
      • Classroom lesson (Naviance, College Search, Resume, etc.)
  • 11th grade
    • October
      • PSAT preregistration and information
    • January
      • Group College Info. Meeting with assigned school counselor (1/31/20)
    • February
      • Parent College Planning Night (2/5/20)
      • Scheduling information for 12th grade year
    • February-April
      • One-on-one post-secondary planning meeting
        • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) encouraged to attend
    • May
      • Classroom Lesson (review college search, CA, teacher recs, SAT sign up)
    • June
      • Junior Book Awards, Date TBD
  • 12th Grade
    • September
      • Group College Meeting with assigned counselor
      • One-on-one  meeting
      • Parent and Student Financial Aid Night (9/29/20)
      • Financial Aid Information Session for students, Date TBD
        • Followed by pre-scheduled appointments with Conntac advisor through March
    • October
      • Classroom Prep for College Application Campaign Week
    • November
      • Career Pathways Certificate Event
      • College Application Campaign Week
      • Scholarship Survey Distribution
    • June
      • Senior Scholarship Breakfast Ceremony

Staff Contacts

Geraldine Nuzzo

Department Head

(203) 977-5755
Robert Augustyn


(203) 977-4277
Andrena ForlenzoCounselor / College & Career Center Coordinator(203) 977-5754
James HenryCounselor(203) 977-5366
Francene MoaveroCounselor(203) 977-4279
Anna MurrayCounselor(203) 977-4356
Maria Olveira


(203) 977-5751
Jonathan OrtizCounselor(203) 977-4273
Aaron PulleyCounselor(203) 977-5752
Tiffany RussoCounselor(203) 977-4276
Fran DeCarloSecretary(203) 977-4272