Scientific Research Based Interventions



What is Scientific Research-Based Intervention (SRBI)?

Connecticut’s Scientific Researched-Based Interventions (SRBI) Framework emphasizes successful instruction for all students through high quality core general education practices, as well as, targeted intervention for students experiencing learning, social-emotional, or behavioral difficulties. SRBI emphasizes: culturally responsive teaching, use of research-based practices, monitoring fidelity of implementation, prevention and early intervention, a comprehensive assessment plan, and data-based decision making. The CT SRBI framework integrates a multi-tiered system of academic and behavior supports with increasing intensity of instruction matched to student need.

What is the Student Support Team (SST)?

The Student Support Team is a collaborative, strategic decision-making group that assists teachers in seeking positive solutions for individual needs of students.

The Student Support Team (SST) is comprised of the following individuals:

grade-level administrator

general education teacher

school counselor

PPS staff member and/or literacy specialist


Parents (or guardians) and students are also an integral part of the SST and must be informed if a Request for Assistance (see Appendix) has been submitted.  Parents and students are contacted by the school counselor to invite to a meeting and to receive their input.


The SST supports classroom teachers with additional strategies (Tier 1) and coaching in order for students to be successful.  The Team also determines when supplemental support (Tiers 2/3) is necessary and designs targeted interventions with measurable outcomes.  


Teachers and interventionists document and monitor the fidelity of all interventions.  The SST interprets progress monitoring data in order to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, for individuals and groups of students, and determines next steps. The classroom teacher and/or school counselor maintains regular communication with families regarding their child’s progress.