Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The Business Program is designed to develop problem-solving skills for everyday life, to identify goals, to analyze methods of achieving those goals, and to assist students in making informed career choices. These courses are not only valuable preparation for those students who are planning for a career in business, but also for those interested in other career paths. The business methods and skills taught will be useful to students entering the business field immediately after graduation, as well as to those planning to attend college or a business school.

The Family and Consumer Science Program includes courses in individual and family development, culinary arts, fashion and interior design, and life skills. The culinary arts provide instruction in planning nutritionally balanced meals. Designing and constructing clothing and home fashions and interior room design are included in this area. Preparing for life after high school is taught in the life skills area. Practical experience in lab situations is also offered.

Staff Contacts

Dorothea MackeyDepartment Head - Marketing Education / DECA Teacher(203) 977-6194250
Joe BonaddioBusiness Teacher(203) 977-4207262
Angelo IncorvaiaBusiness Teacher 253
Ana RamosBusiness Teacher 


Paula YatesBusiness Teacher 263
Peter ZezimaBusiness Teacher(203) 977-5605


Tracy BassFamily & Consumer Science Teacher 


Pat ChacraFamily & Consumer Science Teacher(203) 977-6166639
Daria Van NostrandFamily & Consumer Science Teacher

(203) 977-6166