SHS School Wide Rubrics


School-Wide Rubrics: Overview

Stamford High School is committed to ensuring that all graduates are prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century.  In order to live up to this charge, Stamford High School must explicitly teach these skills and measure our students’ progress in a systematic and equitable manner. 

This guidebook contains five rubrics that will be utilized across all departments in all grade levels to measure the competency of students in mastering the essential college and workplace skill sets of the 21st century world.  Each department’s faculty will utilize curriculum-based activities to assess student competency in these skills according to the rubric rotation schedule in this manual.  Departments may request a change of rubric by submitting a proposal and rationale by the end of September to the designated administrator.  All decisions on such proposals will be made in light of the strength of the proposal and the maintenance of an equitable representation of all the requisite skill sets across departments. 

What is a Rubric?

A rubric is a guide listing specific criteria for evaluating student performance.  We use rubrics because they allow educators to measure student performance using clear and common criteria across many contexts. Rubrics also allow educators to give students feedback about their performance relative to defined skills in a manner that allows students to understand to what extent they have achieved the skill and also what their targets are for improvement.  Unlike simple grades, rubrics offer detailed descriptions of student performance, communicating to educators, students, and parents what specifically students know and are able to do. In other words, rubrics are not a form of judgment. Rather, they are tools for describing.

SHS Rubrics Intend to Develop Habits of Thought:

Critical Thinking




Student Agency


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