Scofield Update- May 15th

May 15th Update

Scofield Magnet Middle School

Parent Update-5/15/20

Student Quote of the Week:  This came from a weekly educational journal that I subscribe to.  “Life without school is much more boring than I thought it would be. Without the summerlike feeling of no work and being able to see friends, it’s actually very depressing.”  Una, age 14, Beacon, NY

8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony:  All of the middle school principals met with the Superintendent and Associates to discuss plans to recognize our departing 8th graders.  We must adhere to the Governor’s Executive Order regarding public gatherings.  That means the chances of any type of drive-by scenario in the parking lot are next to zero.  Right now the process to recognize high school seniors is the priority of the district.  Plans for the high schools should be solidified in the coming days.  Once that planning is complete, the middle schools will finalize our plans.  Please contact me if you have an idea for some type of way to recognize our 8th graders.  

8th Grade Exhibition:  Reminder that pre-recorded presentations are due on Friday, May 22nd.  Students should check for additional information with their advisory teacher on.  8th grade students will have a decreased workload for the week to prepare.  This would still be the case if we were in school.      

Medication Pick Up:  Friday 5/22 & 5/29 9AM-2-PM.  State regulations prohibit any medication from being stored in the nurse's office during the summer.  Any medication not picked up will be discarded per state regulations.  Please know that this is a "drive by" pick up.  The designated area for pick up will be the front parking lot.  Parents and students will not be permitted to exit their vehicles or enter the school.  The nurse will be at the designated area with all medications for pick up.  Parents will drive in the main lot and loop around to the front entrance sidewalk.  Please wear a mask when speaking to the nurse or an administrator.  Give your child’s name when you drive up and the medication will be placed in your car.  Unfortunately we can’t combine this with locker item pick up.      

Locker Clean Out:  Please be patient.  Unfortunately I am not on my own to move forward with the plan I submitted.  I know everyone is eager to pick up their stuff. 

Viewing Grades in PowerSchool: With the recent grading changes for 4Q, there have been some bumps in the road in terms of getting PowerSchool synced up. Here is a tip sheet for how to view 4Q grades with the new participation grading scale.

SPEF Tutoring:  The Stamford Public Education Foundation, in collaboration with the Ferguson Library, has launched Home Work Helpers, which is free, online, interactive academic help for students in all grade levels. Students can receive help in all subject areas, Monday-Friday. If you are interested, please complete this form.

Stamford Public Schools Grab-and-Go Meals-updated- click here for more info including location changes.

Monday (two breakfasts, two lunches and one dinner meal per child 18 or younger)

Wednesday (two breakfasts, two lunches and one dinner meal per child 18 or younger)

Friday (three breakfasts and three lunches per child 18 or younger)

Grab and Go Meal Site Addition: Effective  5/12/2020  are now serving grab and go meals from 11:30a.m.-1:00p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Latham Wilder (South End Community Center).  Back parking lot.  137 Henry Street.  Stamford, CT  06902 

Live teaching sessions:  Parents should not be recording or photographing live teaching sessions in any manner at all.   Recording teachers without their consent may be considered a privacy violation.  

Please take a look at this article about parents of middle school children:

Article on Decreasing Screen Time:  “How to Decrease Screen Time for Students” by Angela Duckworth in Education Week, April 24, 2020,  Duckworth can be reached at


Scott Clayton-Principal