Scofield Update March 23

Principal Update
scofield update
scofield update

Dear Parents, 

One week down!  We can do this! I started off my weekly staff newsletter with the following quote:

 “Be like a duck.  Remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.”

These words can be applied to so many different circumstances. Last week I held two virtual staff meetings and it’s clear that Scofield teachers truly are committed to their work.  The most important thing to me was checking up on their own well-being. Remember, teachers are parents too and are equally as stressed about what we are all experiencing. Given our team structure, the teachers interact and work side-by-side daily, so this separation has been tough for them.  I am also concerned about your children. An 8th grade girl came by the school last week to get her math binder and before leaving she said, “Mr. Clayton, I miss my friends.” If social media is good for anything, staying connected in times like this is very important. Please tell your children that I miss all of them and can’t wait until they’re back walking the halls.      

The most important item discussed during our staff meetings was whether or not our current “virtual” teaching methodology is working.  During our discussion I shared all of the feedback that parents have expressed. Some of you have told me that there is too much work and others have stated that there isn’t enough.  In the Army we called what we are doing “building the plane mid-flight” or “in-flight missile repair.” In either case, the job is difficult, especially with little time to prepare.          

Over the next few days you can expect teachers to adopt a “schedule” that breaks up classes into different days of the week with a work/catch-up day combined with grade level team teacher “office hours” incorporated into the week.  I think these changes will provide for a better focus for students as well as decrease screen time. There is no reason students need to be in front of a computer 6-7 hours per day, which is what some of you have shared.

Once again, our situation remains fluid.  Additional changes may occur. I appreciate your patience and positive messages.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions  


Scott Clayton-Principal