Scofield designated as a NELMS Spotlight School

Spotlight School
NELMS Spotlight School
NELMS Spotlight School

NELMS Renews Scofield Magnet Middle School’s Designation as One of Only 34 Spotlight Schools

Stamford Public Schools (SPS) announced that the New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS) has renewed Scofield Magnet Middle School’s designation as a NELMS Spotlight School.  The Spotlight School Award recognizes schools that have a record of powerful and research-based learning for young adolescents and consistently observe middle level best practices.

NELMS designated 34 Spotlight Schools throughout New England, based upon evidence and observations made during a site visit as well as the school’s rigorous self-study.

“The Scofield staff has a great deal to be proud of,” said Scofield Principal Scott Clayton.  “The teachers at Scofield are very passionate about the unique and effective nature of our program.” 

According to Spotlight Schools Coordinator Kathleen Hill, “The visiting principals spent a full day at Scofield and observed a variety of indicators that make it evident that Scofield continues to make progress and is committed to effective instruction, collaboration, teaming and a solid understanding of the young adolescent.”

NELMS also specifically commended Scofield on the following:

  • Staff is dedicated to the middle-level child and a program that will meet their developmental needs.
  • The master schedule allows for both pure teaming and a flexible approach to the scheduling of each team’s academic time.
  • The Advisory program meets the needs of both academic and social emotional need of students.
  • An exhibition project that the conclusion of the 8th grade year demonstrates the skills that students have acquired over the course of their three years at Scofield.
  • An ‘After-school’ program that meets the needs of all students.
  • Students, parents, and staff form a very tight community that promotes a highly positive school culture.
  • Dedicated interdisciplinary teams promote the best possible outcomes for each child.