The Roxbury Art Department fosters a respectful learning environment instructing students in Fine Arts Principles in a process-oriented manner.

True to The Academic Method, students develop ideas in a traditional fashion through careful planning, and with teacher guidance execute unique and significant expressive projects.

Each grade level is exposed to Art Historical learning, Principles of Art and Design, and a sample of contemporary art and artists through an individualized curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.

Students are encouraged to take intellectual and creative risks in developing independent and group projects, and to grow creatively with a broad communal and global consciousness.


English Language Learners

"The mission of the Stamford Public Schools' English Language Learners Program, with a commitment to equity and excellence, is to educate all English Language Learners through effective teaching for learning. Stamford Public Schools provide equal access to all areas of the school curriculum, accelerating English language acquisition with an emphasis on content area instruction at appropriate age and grade level in order for English Language Learners to achieve district and state standards in an environment of collaboration and high expectations."The vision of the English Language Learners Department is to ensure that all English Language Learners and their families become active in school life, respecting their culture and diversity while providing research based academic programs to assist English Language Learners becoming citizens of the twenty first century." (Stamford Public Schools 2006-2011)

Here are some Wonderful Websites:

* 4 Important Fundamentals when teaching English Language Learners:

1. Instruction
2. Assessments
3. Role of Culture
4. Teacher's attitudes/ classroom

In 1979 Jim Cummins developed a pedagogy of second language learning called BICS and CALP. Students acquire language first by socializing and interacting with peers then the academic language comes.

BICS- Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills- (social))

CALP-Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency- (academic/content)

ELL Update:

The LAS Links Assessment is done annually on all English Language Learners to see if they have made growth in the skill areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Scores for Overall Comprehension and Oral are also provided. Levels of proficiency are:

  • Level 1-Beginning
  • Level 2- Early Intermediate
  • Level 3- Intermediate
  • Level 4-Proficient
  • Level 5- Above Proficient

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**** We have new state standards of learning called Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  You can visit and for more information. The CCSS implement higher level thinking skills and incorporate rigorous grade level expectations in the area or listening, speaking, reading and writing. The CCSS will prepare ALL students to be college and career ready for the 21st century.
The SIOP model (Sheltered-Instruction-Observation-Protocol) is a great framework and model to use for ELL instruction. Check out these 2 websites:

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