Morning Announcements with Students and Staff!

See and Hear Students and Staff Members Delivering Announcements

Click a date below to see Roxbury students and staff members recite the pledge, share important information (such as a theme for the day), and celebrate students for their birthdays.

Monday, March 30  

Tuesday, March 31

Wednesday, April 1

Thursday, April 2

Friday, April 3

***Spirit Week!***  (April 13-17)

Monday, April 13     (Learn with Your Pet or Favorite Stuffed Animal)

Tuesday, April 14    (Dress Your Best Day)

Wednesday, April 15    (Wear Roxbury Gear or School Colors / Non-tech Activities Day)

Thursday, April 16     (Costume Day)

Friday, April 17     (Family Day)

Monday, April 20   (Active Day)

Tuesday, April 21  (Hobby Day)

Wednesday, April 22  (Earth Day, 50th Anniversary)

Thursday, April 23   (Book Day)

Friday, April 24   (Kindness Day)

Monday, April 27   (Backwards Day, Isaac and Zachary in grades 5 & 3)

Tuesday, April 28   (Rainbow Day, Abby in gr. 5)

Wednesday, April 29   (Outdoor Day, Phoebe in kindergarten)

Thursday, April 30   (Dress as a Roxbury Teacher, Madalina and Sierra in gr. 5)

Friday, May 1   (Favorite Artwork Day, Angel in gr. 5)

Monday, May 4   (Creativity Day, Antonio in gr. 1)

Tuesday, May 5   (Silly Socks Day, Allison and Alexa in gr. 4 & 2)

Wednesday, May 6   (Wacky Hair Day, Violet in gr. 3)

Thursday, May 7   (Sports Hat Day, Jacob in gr. 1)

Friday, May 8   (Pajama Day, Adriana in gr. 1)

Monday, May 11  (Superheroes Day, Simrath in gr. 4)

Tuesday, May 12  (Future Careers Day, Rebecca in gr. 4)

Wednesday, May 13  (Sports Jersey Day, Arjun in gr. 4)

Thursday, May 14  (Beach Day, Stella and Stephen (grades 3 & 2)

Friday, May 15  (Rock Star Day, Lily and Robbie in grades 2 & K)