Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA)

Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) Violation Clarification

At Rogers International School:

  • 1st AUA violation will result in a minimum of a one-week suspension of technology privileges.
  • 2nd AUA violation will result in a minimum of a two-week suspension of technology privileges.
  • 3rd AUA violation consequences are at the discretion of administration and may include termination of technology privileges for the remainder of the school year.

*Students will have access to online assessment tools as needed for grading purposes and may have access to either offline word processing or media reference materials during their suspension.



I understand that the Stamford Public Schools provide electronic resources, including Internet access and storage space for students’ work, as an integral part of the curriculum. Behavior and language in the use of these resources should be consistent with classroom standards. I agree to the following responsibilities and restrictions:


  • I will use the electronic resources, including storage space, only for educational purposes related to work in Stamford Public Schools, and not for any personal, commercial or illegal purposes.
  • I will use the Internet only with the permission of the staff member in charge. I may not access the Internet via a personal Wi-Fi account or by any other manner other than connecting through the secure wireless connection provided by the school system. 
  • I will not use games or other electronic resources that have objectionable content or that engage me in an inappropriate simulated activity.
  • I will not give my password to any other user, nor attempt to learn or to use anyone else’s password, and I will not transmit my address or telephone number, or any personal or confidential information about myself or others. 
  • I will not upload, link, or embed an image of myself or others to non-secured, public sites without my teacher’s permission and a signed parental permission slip.
  • I will not make statements or use the likeness of another person through website postings, email, instant messages, etc., that harass, intimidate, threaten, insult, libel or ridicule students, teachers, administrators or other staff members of the school community, make statements that are falsely attributed to others, or use language that is obscene.
  • I will not attempt to access, upload, or transmit material that attacks ethnic, religious or racial groups, or material that is pornographic or explicitly sexual in nature.
  • I will not violate copyright laws, damage or tamper with hardware or software, vandalize or destroy data, intrude upon, alter or destroy the files of another user, introduce or use computer “viruses,” attempt to gain access to restricted information or networks, or block, intercept or interfere with any email or electronic communications by teachers and administrators to parents, or others.
  • I will report any problems to the supervising staff member.
  • I understand that my use of the school system’s computers is not private, and that the district reserves the right to monitor use to assure compliance with these guidelines; violations may lead to revocation of computer access and/or other disciplinary measures. 
  • I understand that the prohibited conduct described above is also prohibited off campus when using school/district sites or equipment. If misuse of sites or equipment has the effect of seriously interfering with the educational process, such off-campus violations may lead to disciplinary measures.
  • I understand that using a personal device is at the sole discretion of the building administrator and/or classroom teacher.