A letter from Principal Cathy Cummings

RIS 5/22
5/22 Letter

May 22, 2020 Dear Terrapins, Every day we have a chance to write history. As we celebrate Memorial Day, we remember those who have made history before us. This year, I choose to add all of those who are making history now. • To Mrs. Cortes and Mrs. Tate for calling you every day to remind you to turn off the cartoons and log on. • To our Chartwells food service staff who make meals for all every day. • To our RIS TPDLs (Mrs. Denison and Mr. Witschy) who keep our website updated, our chrome books running, and Google Classroom online. • To our Paraeducators for reading to us, sharing their skills, and creating a magnificent surprise for our building. • To our parents for letting you turn your home into a gym, art studio for playdough, and music venue for practicing. • To our custodians for coming every day to make sure our RIS home is well taken care of. • To our delivery people who bring us everything we cannot get ourselves. • To our pets who are there to help us with everything! • To our phenomenal teachers who continue to work through wifi outages, cranky babies, and even crankier family members. • Whom can you add to this list? Take some time on this Memorial Day Weekend and reflect on all the new memories with your family. Did you know that Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day? This Memorial Day, take actions that will be remembered. Decorate your home and your heart with kind and thankful thoughts for the heroes who are all around us. Make history and be someone’s hero! Saluting you with Terrapin Pride, Cathleen Cummings Cathleen Cummings Principal

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