Grade 8 Graduation Recordings!



Dear Parents/Guardians of the Rogers Class of 2020

As you have already been made aware, Rogers International School is aiming to conduct its 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony for the 2019-2020 school year electronically. Students have already been instructed to craft graduation statements reflecting their growth in line with the IB Learner Profile. For the graduation ceremony, students will have to recite the statements they’ve written in a recorded Google Meet conducted with their homeroom teachers. The date for these recordings has been set for May 28, 2020, with a practice run set for May 27, 2020.

Since we are still aiming to create a graduation ceremony that is as formal and close to the real thing as possible, students will need to abide by the following rules when the recording is created:

  • Students will need to have their cameras ON and faces VISIBLE. This means taking the time to ensure that the lighting in the room where they are participating from is suitable.
  • Students must present themselves formally, as they would for an in-person graduation or awards ceremony. Boys should wear a collared shirt (tie optional), and girls should wear a blouse/dress. NO T-SHIRTS OR CLOTHING WITH WORDING/PICTURES.
  • When the teacher is calling names for statement recitals, only the student whose name is called should be speaking. The rest of the students in attendance should mute their microphones until it is their turn to deliver their statement.
  • Students should set up their recording device in a room with as plain a setting as possible (kitchen table, living room, etc.) with as little background interference as possible (no TVs running in the background, no conversations happening nearby, etc).
  • The recording device needs to be on a stable surface (flat on a table as opposed to one’s lap or in one’s hands).
  • Students need to be sitting up straight while delivering their statement.

Thank you for your cooperation as we aim to celebrate your child’s hard work in a quite unprecedented manner.


The 8th Grade Team at Rogers International School