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Choose any book you want to read and post a review here.  Each review posted earns you an entry to the Lunch with the Library Team drawing.  Five winners will be announced twice per quarter.


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2017-2018 8th Grade Community Action Project

Take a look at some of the work from last year's 8th Graders

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Student Blogs


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2018 Student School Climate SurveyThe School Climate Survey is an opportunity for you to respond to questions about rules/norms, safety, school connectedness, and support for teaching and learning.  Also included are questions about your school's Advisory Program.  It is expected that 100% of students at your school respond.  Your responses will be used along with those of staff and parents to address school climate issues at your school.  

Students can submit a requsest to post a survey here.
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Flex Seating Classroom Survey - "we need your feedback for our next school grant!" ~Ms. Kousidis


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Class of 2018, 8th graders have an opportunity to apply for several Community Action Projects to benefit the Rippowam Community.  Projects will be supervised by Ms. Kousidis.  Click the links below to apply: 

  1. Tech Camp: Do you consider yourself a leader among your peers in the realm of technology?  Do you have special skills you can share with your peers and even your teachers to help them amp up their tech skills?  If so, and you'd like showcase your talents by creating a presentation, apply here!
  2. Media Center Makeover Team: Students applying for the Media Center Makeover Team must be motivated self-starters that work well independently.  This team will help transition Rippowam's 1960's Media Center to a 21st Century Learning Commons by selecting furniture, fixtures, and equipment.  The learning commons will include a state-of-the-art greenroom and MakerSpace. 
  3. Student-led School Improvement Team: Students applying for the Student-led School Improvement Team must be motivated self-starters that work well independently.  This team will identify issues that need improvement at Rippowam and write proposals through Donor's Choose in order to fund their ideas and make them a reality for our school.   
  4. Legislative Leadership Team: Students applying for the Legislative Leadership Team must be motivated self-starters that work well independently.  This team will work with State Rep. Caroline Simmons to write a draft bill for something they care deeply about and follow the bill through the legislative process.