Safety Videos


The short videos below are design to assure safe working conditions  and provide you with important information as a SPS schools employee.  Specifically at Rippowam, videos number 1 (Mandated Reporter) and 2 (Bloodbourne Pathogens) and 9 (Slips Trips Falls) are required to be watched by all employees.  Please watch these three videos and follow the 3 step procedure within the email window below.  

Step 1: Provide your name and email below.

Step 2: Type or cut and paste the following declaration.

I am confirming that I have watched the three videos (Mandated Reporter), (Bloodbourne Pathogens) and (Slips Trips Falls). 

Step 3: Respond to the Captcha and submit the message.

Your confirmation will be sent to the administrator in charge of school safety.

Video #TopicLink
1Mandated ReporterVideo - Unavailable
2Bloodbourne PathogensPlay Video

New Employee Safety Orientation

Play Video
4Playground SupervisionPlay Video
5Principals Hazard RecognitionPlay Video
6Proper LiftingPlay Video
7Slips Trips Falls (English)Play Video
8Slips Trips Falls (Spanish)Play Video
9Slip Trip and Falls 2Play Video
Video Confirmation