Rippowam School Counselors

Rippowam’s School Counselors are an integral part of a middle school students three year tenure in that they are responsible for assisting in academic placements, program planning, proctoring standardized testing, serving as a liaison between students, teachers, administrators, support staff,  parents and outside agencies.  In addition, counselors also help in monitoring students’ academic, personal and social adjustment when transitioning from one grade level to the next, and advise about high school, career and vocational opportunities.  They also provide comprehensive student advocacy and support for the following processes:  Special Education and SRBI supports, 504 Plan accommodations, referrals and collaborations with outside therapeutic agencies, local youth services and court connections and most importantly, day to day counseling activities and support; decision making, problem solving, peer mediation, anti-bullying initiatives and personal responsibility and growth.  The importance of character education and student accountability is continually highlighted in counselors’ daily efforts. 

School counselors demonstrate knowledge of human growth and development as it relates to the learning process.  Counselors, through their knowledge of the school curriculum and program of studies, place students appropriately in order to achieve their maximum growth.  They stimulate the independence of their students as learners, assess students’ needs and progress and establish selected educational objectives, including career planning and emotional adjustment.  Counselors effectively communicate with students, parents and colleagues, and meet their professional responsibility for continuing growth and foster cooperative involvement with parents in the community.

Tracey Shelley

School Counselor for last names M-Z

Rippowam Middle School

(203) 977-5262

[email protected]


Matthew Roberto

School Counselor for last names A-L

Rippowam Middle School

(203) 977-4358

[email protected]


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