Last day for parent input


Hi all, below is the information on how to fill out input for your child's placement for the 2020-2021 year. Today is the last day to complete the form.

Dear Northeast Parents,

Over the next couple of months, teachers, support staff, and the administration will begin the process of student placements for the 2020-2021 school year. An enormous amount of time, energy, thought and discussion goes into the classroom placement assignment of each child. We strive to create balanced classrooms, while paying close attention to each student’s individual learning needs and style.

As our faculty begins this placement process, we will use the following criteria in creating each class:

Each class must have a range of academic abilities

Each class must be balanced by gender and race

Each class must have students who can work well together, have a variety of personality traits and a range of maturity levels

The faculty will work collaboratively to fulfill these criteria; however, the final decision regarding all placements rests with the administrative team. While we appreciate the trust you extend to us in the placement of your child, we recognize that you may have information about your child or your family that may be helpful in this process. We invite you to complete the following form: by Friday, May 22nd containing any information about your child you wish to share (please fill out separate forms for each child that attends Northeast). Unfortunately, we will be unable to review forms submitted after this date. Please also keep in mind that requests for specific teachers cannot be honored. Our staffing for next year will not be finalized until later in the year and there is always the possibility of grade level and/or staffing changes.

Please know that a happy, successful school year for each child is our primary goal. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we begin our preparations for the next school year.


Dr. Shawn Marinello Kathy Lane

Principal Assistant Principal