Information on student material retrieval and drop off of school material


Dear Families,

In order to safely have you retrieve your child’s belongings from school, we have developed an organized schedule for pick-up. We will be asking families to pick up materials based on the spelling of their last name. Please see schedule below: 

June 15th, A-E 8:30-12; June 16th, F-L 8:30-12; June 17th, M-R 8:30-12; June 18th, S-Z 8:30-12

The pickup location will be at the back of the school near the school cafeteria doors (see picture here). When you pull up with your car, we ask that you have a sign/paper in the passenger window that has the following information: student(s) name, grade level, teacher’s last name, and if you have purchased a year book. You may use the attached form or create your own. Please remain in your car upon arrival. A staff member will come up to the window and then walkie the information to the cafeteria where other staff members will collect your child’s belongings. Once located, we will bring the belongings outside to a table located in front of the doors. When the bagged materials are put on the table, Northeast staff will move back inside the building, then you will come out of your car to pick up the bags (if you purchased a yearbook, you can pick it up at this time too).  There will also be a scholastic book packet for your child for summer reading. 

While picking up your child’s belongings, we also ask that you return the following into designated labeled boxes (only if you have borrowed these items from Northeast):

1) Chromebook, Ipad, chargers (When returning an ipad or Chromebook, please write your student's first and last name on a piece of tape and place it on the device. Tape will be available at drop off)

2) Library books

3) Musical instruments & accompanying method books

a) Please place a piece of masking tape with the student’s first & last name, and teacher name 

b) When placing the instrument in the box, be gentle with items - do not just "drop".

c) If a student notices a needed repair, please place a note inside the case saying what repair is needed.

**We are asking that anyone who is picking up/dropping off has to wear a mask**

Thank you for doing your part to help make this a safe pick-up for your family and the Northeast staff. 

Thank you,

Dr. Marinello