Welcome to Northeast elementary school (NES), one of the twelve Stamford Public elementary schools in the district. NES serves the North Stamford community as well as a portion of the West Stamford community, which is located just south of Stamford Hospital. NES is a socially, economically and ethnically diverse community that has a population of approximately 695 students and 95 staff members (including special educators, para educators, office support, and custodial staff).

We offer the Stamford Public Schools (SPS) district curriculum, bi-lingual education in Spanish and special needs instruction for students with learning differences. We are one of the schools in the SPS district that offer self-contained classes for autistic and hearing impaired students, and we have a several professionals located in our building who support our program such as an occupational therapist, speech pathologist, a school psychologist and a dental hygienist.

NES has a highly committed teaching staff made up of experienced teachers who are dedicated to improving students learning. Many of our teachers hold Connecticut State Certification in more than one subject area and some hold teacher certification in multiple states. Our motto is “Excellence is the Point” therefore each and every staff member strives to do the best they can for our students and the community.

Hubert Gordon