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Fun & Easy Ways to Support Newfield School


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Grade A Cards: Order your CASH CARD and go shopping at Grade A /Shoprite - Contact Deidre Goldberg

Gift Card

Box Tops: Please collect your Box Tops throughout the school year. Every Box Top that we collect is 10 Cents for our school!

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Labels For Education: Clip UCP’s from participating products and Newfield Elementary School will earn FREE educational merchandise!

Labels for Education

Stop and Shops A+ School Rewards Program: Register your Stop and Shop card with their A+ for Schools rewards program to participate in the A+ Rewards program. Go to or call 877-275-2758. Please be sure to register your card to benefit Newfield School using ID #09021.

Target Gift Card

Ink Cartridges! Recycling helps support our School. Our School earns up to $4.00 for each empty inkjet cartridge recycled. Please drop off your used cartridges in the cardboard box behind the glass doors in the Media Center.

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