Parental Involvement

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Newfield Parental Involvement and Family Engagement Policy -- June 2017

Newfield Parental Involvement and Family Engagement Policy

Newfield Elementary School recognizes that family involvement is important for student success.  Research indicates that “students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and pass their classes, attend school regularly and have better social skills, and go on to postsecondary education” (National PTA, 2012, n.p.).  Therefore, the Newfield Elementary School community will continue to do the following in order to support academic, social, and emotional growth of our students.

INFORM:  Parents and students receive timely and detailed information regarding upcoming events, building and district developments, and other school-related news.

  • An overview of students’ rights and responsibilities, daily expectations, and procedures are provided in Newfield’s school handbook.
  • Open House provides families with a curriculum overview, an opportunity to meet staff members, and an understanding of classroom expectations. 
  • ParentLink is used to place phone calls regarding school events and other activities.
  • Parents are encouraged to sign up for in order to receive text messages about classroom or school events.
  • Letters are sent home by administration to inform parents in the event of any pressing school occurrences.

COMMUNICATE:  Parents communicate with staff members regularly and in the most accessible language possible.

  • Teachers communicate regularly through telephone calls, notes, report cards, and conferences.
  • All students have homework folders/books through which parents and teachers may correspond daily. 
  • Evaluation surveys are used to help staff determine interest and need when planning parent workshops. 
  • Translation is provided for flyers, workshops, and parent meetings.  Furthermore, a parent liaison is available to facilitate communication as needed.
  • Newfield’s relationship with Building One Community Center helps us to meet the translation needs of our non-English speaking population, as well as provides ongoing support for families in all languages requested.

ASSIST:  Through workshops, meetings, and other avenues of support, families receive resources to help their children at home.

  • Newfield staff and Parent Faculty Organization provide workshops throughout the school year in order to respond to our school community’s interest in continuous learning.
  • Newfield Elementary School collaborates with Building One Community Center, holding workshops at their location when applicable.
  • Food, translation, and babysitting are provided at all parent workshops. 
  • Title 1 teacher is available to meet with families, model lessons, and help with parental involvement and support.

COLLABORATE:  Working together, school staff, families, and community members create an atmosphere of consistency and shared-responsibility.

  • The Newfield Parent Faculty Organization (PFO) volunteers assist through fund-raising activities, as well as offering time and services.  Attendance at PFO meetings and  PFO-sponsored events is appreciated and encouraged. 
  • Newfield has partnered with Building One Community Center in Stamford in order to better support our non-English speaking community.    
  • Parents are encouraged to assist our educational programs by chaperoning field trips, attending workshops, and participating in school initiatives.
  • School Governance Council meets monthly to look at school data and support school needs as they arise.

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