School Allocations

Grant Processing, Tracking, and Monitoring

All schools receive funding from the state and federal grants based on a per pupil cost related to enrollment. The Extended School Hours Grant is disbursed based on a competitive process, as mandated by the grant guidelines, administered through this office. All grant allocation amounts are tracked and monitored by school and account lines in a Grants database. Monthly reports are sent to the schools for review. Schools are asked to track their own expenditures so that an alignment of expenditure documentation is monitored by both the Grants Office and the schools. The Office of Grants and Funded Programs insures that expenditures follow each grant’s specific goals and guidelines.  

After school payroll for all K-12 schools is also processed through this office. Please refer to the Grants/Funded Program Handbook or the Section labeled Forms to review information related to deadlines and necessary forms for facilitation of fiscal processing. All expenditures related to Consolidated grants MUST be processed through this office.

Close collaboration between the Grants and Funded Programs and the Finance Office is essential for the success of this process.