EL Program Overview

District-Wide Programs










The program is designed to provide students with the English communication skills necessary for successful participation in the mainstream classroom.


LTSS stands for Language Transition Support Services. LTSS is the language support which is provided to students who have had 30 months in a bilingual program but have not yet met the English mastery standard (LAS Links).  LTSS looks just like ESL, it is given a different name to distinguish this as a service given to students who were enrolled in a bilingual program.





New Arrival Center




This program is available to students in grades one through twelve who have been in the U.S. for one year or less and who come from a non-English language background. Students attend the program from a minimum of ten weeks to a maximum of one year. Using TESOL methodologies, and taught in the target language of English, the NAC services students who are new to the country and provides them with an intensive English language course of study in addition to following the content-area curriculum.  Students are partially mainstreamed for content area classes and electives throughout the day.







Bilingual Education




A state mandated K-12 program of basic instruction designed to meet the needs of students dominant in Spanish K-12, and Haitian-Creole at the high school.  While in the program, bilingual students are placed in mainstream environment classes for part of the day, in order to gradually expose them and finally exit them from the bilingual program into mainstream English classes.  The program may be conducted in the native language and also offers students intensive training using TESOL strategies.


Two Programs offered in the district 

  • Self-Contained Bilingual Program (Anchor Program)
  • Bilingual Native Language Support (District School)