Visual Arts

This diverse and rewarding program is an integral part of the Stamford Public Schools. The Fine Arts areas include Visual Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Drama, and Dance. Over 100 specialists provide training and professional support to all students in the Stamford School System, all in accordance with Connecticut and National Academic Standards. With all the diverse cultural activities in the city, Fine Arts students are given endless enrichment programs and professional regional activities to encourage their artistic enjoyment and future goals.

Visual Arts Philosophy

Stamford's visual arts program is an integral, standards-based element of the core curriculum designed for all students at every age and grade level. The intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the student is at the center of the visual arts curriculum. It provides structured learning, methods and materials necessary for self-expression, creative thinking and appreciation.

The visual arts program makes many contributions to the basic goals of education. Students are encouraged to develop their abilities to solve problems, communicate effectively, understand technology, and evaluate information to become positive participants in society. Perception, understanding and appreciation of the visual arts are as valuable as the ability to create. Cognitive abilities are sharpened through the development of personal expression and conceptualization.

The visual arts curriculum acknowledges the tremendous responsibility of building on history and customs as a tool for students to express and define themselves as individuals. Exploration of art from different times and places establishes a connection to other cultures and promotes an understanding of diversity in the classroom, in the community and on a global scale. By using a wide range of subject matter, symbols, and meaningful images, students learn to express their ideas and evaluate the merits of their efforts.

Staff Contacts

Deborah Furletti