Video Challenge

How does Stamford Public Schools Challenge, Inspire or Prepare you for success? 

Every student has a story.  How has a teacher, a class or an experience affected you?  How does Stamford Public Schools Challenge, Inspire or Prepare you for success?  SPS held a video contest to hear those stories:

Stamford Public Schools (SPS), in partnership with the Stamford Board of Realtors, the Ferguson Library and the Stamford Public Education Foundation announced the winners of the 2018 SPS Video Challenge.  Students, staff members and alumni from across the district submitted short videos that demonstrated the essence of the SPS vision: The Stamford Public Schools . . . will challenge, inspire and prepare all students to be productive contributing members of society.

The first place video, “Because We Are,” was produced by Strawberry Hill Music Teacher Seth Goldstein, along with Principal Frank Rodriguez, Administrative Intern Sandra Carlton, Reading Teacher Jessica Petruzzelli and Ian Wheeler, a friend of the school.  The following actors and musicians also starred in the winning video: Grade 2 Students Sophie Foster (lead actor), Aryan Ruia, Srijitha Rayabarapu,  Diego Bars,  Adele Forman, Neil Nair, Aarav Ritesh and Nika Stepanov.

Here are the details about the winners and runners up.