Superintendent's Office

Dr. Tamu Lucero
 Superintendent Stamford Public Schools
Dr. Tamu Lucero was named Superintendent of Stamford Public Schools on April 23, 2019. During her 25-year career in education, she has worked diligently to improve the public school system. Dr. Lucero believes education is a global initiative requiring an alliance among all communities to elicit effective and efficient reform. Her primary goal is to ensure that all students exhibit growth that is commensurate with their ability.
Dr. Lucero began her Stamford Public Schools tenure in June 2013, as Assistant Superintendent—Elementary. She assumed the role of Deputy Superintendent in June 2018. Dr. Lucero has led a number of major initiatives over her years in Stamford, including overseeing the Department of Justice review and mandates regarding English Learner commitment, the establishment and opening of a new inter-district K-8 magnet school, and serving as a critical member of the City of Stamford and Board of Education’s Mold Task Force. In 2016, the AASA, School Superintendent’s Association, named Dr. Lucero an Aspiring Woman Leader.
Dr. Lucero began her education career in the Columbus Public School District as a third-, fourth- and fifth-grade teacher at Franklinton Alternative Elementary School.  She was also principal of Worthington Hills Elementary in the Worthington School District, of Georgian Heights Alternative School and of Windsor Alternative Elementary School. Dr. Lucero’s efforts as a building and district-level leader focus on creating a responsive environment that is conducive to academic growth and success for all children.
Dr. Lucero holds a Doctorate of Education Degree from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in Educational Administration, as well as Principal and Superintendent Licenses from The Ohio State University, and an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Wright State University.
Dr.  Lucero lives in Stamford and serves as a member of the executive committee of the Stamford Cradle to Career Collective Impact Partnership.  She has also been on the Board of Directors for the Bartlett Arboretum and Sound Waters. Since 2015, Dr. Lucero has been an Adjunct Professor at Sacred Heart University.