Out of Attendance Zone Placement 2021-2022

Please use a link below to request Out of Attendace Zone Placement for the 2021-22 school year.  Please note that families will be notified by email over the summer. 

Out of Attendace Zone Placement: English 

Out of Attendance Zone Placement: Spanish

Professional Courtesy Request: Form

Q+A’s for Out-of-Attendance Zone Placement

Policy #5117.1 describes the Board of Education Policy on Out of Attendance Zone placement, which can be found in the policy guide online here: https://www.stamfordpublicschools.org/district/board-education/pages/pol...

1. What is Out-of-Attendance Zone Placement?

Out of Attendance Zone Placement refers to a child attending a school other than the one in the attendance zone of his/her legal residence.  Requests for enrollment in magnet schools or placement in Special Education Programs will not be considered for Out of Attendance Zone placements.

2. Where Do Parents/Guardians Obtain Applications?

Out of Attendance Zone applications may be filled online by using the link below: https://www.stamfordpublicschools.org/intervention-and-student-support/s...

Completed forms and necessary accompanying documentation should be uploaded and attached to the application online.  If you have problems doing it online, you can contact the Office of Family and Community Engagement at ofce@stamfordct.gov

3. What Documents Need to Be Submitted?

The Out-of-Attendance Zone application will need to be completed online.  The documents that support the specific type of request – Medical, Child Care, Safety, Special Program and Other – must also be uploaded with application.  Examples of documentation are outlined in the application.

4. How Will I Be Notified?

You will be notified by email regarding status of your application.  If denied, appeals may be made according to Board of Education policy governing Out-of-Attendance Zone placement.  Appeal forms may be obtained from Elaine Zehren:  ezehren@stamfordct.gov   

You will be notified by email of the appeal decision made by the Associate Superintendent for School Development.

5. Who May I Contact With Further Questions?

Please contact the Office of Family and Community Engagement at 203-977-4465 or ofce@stamfordct.gov