Weekly Message from Dr. Tamu Lucero, Superintendent SPS

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
thank you

Dear Families and Staff,

The following message and video were sent to our educators today in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week!   I want to encourage you and your children to send notes, messages or letters to our educators in Stamford Public Schools to join me in expressing our appreciation! 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

I want to take a moment to sincerely thank each of you for all you do every day to contribute to making Stamford Public Schools an amazing district for our 16,733 students.  You make a difference for our students in a variety of way, and I want you to know that your actions and efforts are noticed and noteworthy.  On behalf of our students, staff, families, and the Stamford Community we want you to know we are thankful.  I am so very proud to be your superintendent!

Thank you, not just for valiant commitment to transition our students to Distance Teaching and Learning, supporting students’ social emotional needs, and ensuring students receive meals, Chromebooks and hotspots.  Thank you, for continuing to wake up every morning, some with your own children in the background, to provide lessons to our students.  Thank you, for continuing to reach out and make connections with students who struggle to engage in Distance Teaching and Learning.  Thank you, for making the best out of an unplanned, unfamiliar, unprecedented moment in history that has no teacher’s manual.  Thank you, for making a difference.  Thank you, for being part of the Stamford Public School District.  Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Numerous leaders in the Stamford Community have created this short video as a small token of our appreciation.


Dr. Tamu Lucero