Student and Staff Achievements for November 2017

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At each monthly Board of Education (BOE) Meeting, we are proud to celebrate the accomplishments of select students and staff members. Following are those who will be recognized at the November BOE meeting.

22nd Annual Conference on Advancing Mental Health
Westhill High School (WHS) Senior Yaneira Torres and Junior Aylssa Goldberg, along with the WHS Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council (MYLC) Advisor Justin LaBaire and Co-Advisor Ashley Torres were recently invited to present at the 22nd Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health in Washington, D.C.  The team’s presentation, “Youth-Led Health Promotion Initiatives:  Utilizing Youth Voice in Implementing Health Promotion Efforts at Stamford Public Schools,” focused on MYLC as a student-led approach to addressing school mental health and suicide prevention.  In addition to explaining the mission, history and structure of the program, they also shared examples of activities to engage students in peer-to-peer mental health awareness and positive school climate promotion.
Connecticut Debate Association
Eleven Stamford Public Schools students recently placed in the top five at the October and/or November Connecticut Debate Association (CDA) Tournaments. All 11 qualified for the CDA State Finals in March 2018. The CDA is the premier high school debate league in Connecticut and offers a regular program of cross-examination policy debate. In the November tournament, students competed among more than 200 debaters from 18 area schools at both the Varsity and Novice levels. The debate topic was: The United States should prioritize protecting the domestic economy in future trade negotiations.
AITE Varsity
Finalist team:              Seth Christofor and Alex Graf (November)
Fifth speaker:              Andrew Branson (October)
Stamford High School Varsity
First speaker:             Augustus Doricko (November)
AITE Novice
First team:                   Chris Burke and Daniel Sorial (November)
First team:                   Chris Burke and Abbas Mohsin (October)
Third team:                 Arya Bhogte and Julia Kempton (November)
Third team:                 Arya Bhogte and Sarah Broder (October)
First speaker:              Chris Burke (November)
Second speaker:          Julia Kempton (November)
Stamford High School Novice
Fourth speaker:           Alex Zajac (October)
National FAA Convention
Westhill High School (WHS) Senior Naomi Solares and Junior Catherine Caragine, both Stamford Regional Agriscience and Technology Program students, recently qualified to compete at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis this month. Solares, the Stamford FFA Chapter President, qualified at the state-level in the FFA Employment Skills Competition to be eligible for the national competition. She was required to submit a cover letter and resume, as well as complete a phone interview, an in-person interview and a networking activity.  Additionally, she competed in a regional competition at the Big E in September, where she participated in mock interviews with a corporate human resources professional from MGM.