Stamford Public Schools Announces 2nd Quarter High School Honors

Honor roll ribbon
Stamford Public Schools believes in recognizing students who demonstrate significant academic achievement through hard work and commitment.  The district has a consistent designation of honors across all three high schools and at the SPS Anchor Program. To earn honors in a marking period, a student must be taking a minimum of three credits in that marking period.
The following high school students have earned honors for the second quarter of 2019-2020:
SPS Second Quarter 2019 High School Honors
There are three levels of Honors:
  •          Honors with Distinction: Straight As (includes A and A-)
  •          High Honors: All As with the exception of one B (includes B+, B and B-)
  •          Honors: All As and or Bs with the exception of one C (includes C+, C and C-)
All course grades are included in the calculation for qualifying of Honor Roll. Honor Roll status will be indicated on report cards quarterly. Honor Roll does not take into consideration GPA, only current semester grades.