SPS Shout Outs

Week of October 4, 2021
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fosteringFostering Productive Habits of Body!

A Shout Out to Ryan Carey, our PE/Health Teacher at Anchor. Mr. Carey is always eager and enthusiastic and goes above and beyond to connect with his students and provide them with every opportunity to improve their wellness. He is always implementing new ideas to motivate his students and illustrating the pillars of our district’s mission, fostering productive habits of mind, body and heart.

volunteerVolunteering Time in Support of SPS Website Redesign

This fall SPS has begun the process of reviewing and redesigning our district, school and program websites.  The year-long process will result in engaging, user friendly websites that share information quickly and effectively.  A Shout Out to our website planning committee members, including: Central Office representatives Dena Booker, Jennifer Gonzalez, Max McFarlane, Mike Meyers, Lori Rhodes and Melissa Wills; school staff representatives Dolan’s Jena Cinelli, Northeast’s Jeanette Christian, Springdale’s Tatiana Gutierrez and Stillmeadow’s Vanessa Cadavid; as well as SPS parent representatives Judy Cleto, Kim Kempton and Danette Melchionne.

shsSHS Students Run in Support of MarkUs for Change

During last week’s meet at Wilton, the entire SHS Cross Country team wore MarkUs for Change t-shirts and ran in support of the SPEF campaign.  This annual activity is in memory of former student Marcus Dixon who tragically lost his life in 2012.  SHS is a proud supporter of MarcUS for Change which supports the academic and social-emotional needs of at–risk middle and high school students.  Thank you to SHS Cross Country coaches Fred Kelley and Adam Scianna for fostering productive habits of heart and encouraging our students to support their community!


What is an SPS Shout Out?

An SPS Shout Out is a special recognition that acknowledges school communities, staff members or students who have inspired us with a unique project, an outstanding job or a special effort that had a positive impact on our students or community.  Each week we will celebrate a few by sharing with all SPS staff and posting on the district website. Please share any or all of these with your friends and families.   

SPS Administrators can submit Shout Outs for consideration through the form shared with them in the Administrators’ Weekly.