SPS Shout Outs

Week of September 27, 2021
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scofieldScofield Custodians go above and beyond!

Scofield custodians went above and beyond to help a distraught student find her lost retainer on a recent Friday afternoon.  Mike LeDuc, Donald Alexander and Tyrell Bell used tongs to comb through a dumpster while bees were flying around their heads!  Thank you so much, the student and parents are very grateful to our thoughtful and caring custodial staff!

westhillWesthill Teachers are Starting the School Year Right!

A big shout to the Westhill Freshman educator teams who have been collaborating on best practices that they can implement across their classrooms. The outstanding team leads include Olga Mirontchik, Christine Mitchell, Erin Spata, Fatme Ayoub, and Jen D’Arrigo and our super AP Peter Rinaldi.

Thank you to the Westhill Bilingual Social Workers, Denise Grant, Maria Cisneros, Carolina Figueroa and Lia Campos, for providing support to our most in-need EL population of students.  The team is reaching out to parents, connecting students with academic resources, emotional support, and providing a much-needed link between teachers and students’ homes.

Westhill’s newest teacher Scott Hurwitz sends a special Thank You to his co-worker Christine WheelerScott shared the following:

“Starting in a new school 2 weeks into the year could have been a bumpy transition, but Christine's attentive and caring approach made me feel welcome.  She prioritized my needs and took deliberate steps to make sure that my transition was smooth. It did not take me long to feel at home at Westhill! 

A Shout Out to Westhill’s Mrs. Wheeler for so effectively demonstrating the mission of our school district and making Chris’s transition a smooth one.

davenportDavenport Custodial Staff Continue to SOAR and Amaze Everyday!

In honor of National Custodian Day, the Davenport Ridge elementary school community would like to take the time to thank our amazing Custodial team under the direction of Mr. Terry Kelley. The team goes above and beyond each day.  From working long hours to taking pride in our school, the custodial team continues to SOAR to success each and everyday. Especially in this time of COVID-19, our school community would like to thank and recognize: Mr. Terry Kelley, Mr. Michael Farina, Mr. Charlie Bynam and Mr. Mark Ayars. Thank you for everything you do for our Davenport community!

sorrowIn sorrow, we are feeling WESTHILL AND PROUD

We are so proud of the way that the Westhill Counseling and PPS departments came together to support our students and faculty who needed help after the death of Westhill student, Jordan Martinez.

Claudia Obas and Westhill’s School Counselors stood together strong and equipped to support our student as well as our staff during this very tragic event.  Thank you to the team at Central office for all the support that was provided to the school community.  Westhill High School's football Coach Joseph illustrated strength and leadership, as the entire Westhill community rallied in support of one another and mourned the loss of one of their student athletes.  You all made us very Westhill proud during a time of sorrow.

What is an SPS Shout Out?

An SPS Shout Out is a special recognition that acknowledges school communities, staff members or students who have inspired us with a unique project, an outstanding job or a special effort that had a positive impact on our students or community.  Each week we will celebrate a few by sharing with all SPS staff and posting on the district website. Please share any or all of these with your friends and families.   

SPS Administrators can submit Shout Outs for consideration through the form shared with them in the Administrators’ Weekly.