The Mold Task Force Announces the Former Headquarters of Pitney Bowes Has Been Selected as the Relocation Site for Westover Elementary School

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The Mold Task Force, which comprises Stamford Public Schools (SPS), the Stamford Board of Education (BOE) and the City of Stamford, announced today that  1 Elmcroft Road, a landmark Stamford building that  served as the headquarters of the Pitney Bowes, has been selected as the relocation site for Westover Magnet Elementary School.  Returning students and staff to a healthy and safe learning environment less than two weeks after the school was closed for mold remediation as quickly as possible was our top priority.  Classes will begin in the newly renovated school space in the afternoon of Tuesday, November 13, 2018. All students will start their day at Chelsea Pier and be transported to the new facility.

“I would like to recognize the herculean effort of the various city and community organizations over the past week to get Westover Elementary School relocated,” said Mayor David Martin.  “I believe that this new location will provide a wonderful opportunity for teachers to educate and for students to learn in a cohesive educational community.”

After extensive evaluation of more than twelve site options and four school re-programming alternatives by the Mold Task Force and key City and Board of Education departments, 1 Elmcroft Road met all of the critical criteria and was determined to be the optimal location.  In addition to safety and security, as well as the ability for the site owner to complete the necessary renovation work in an incredibly short timeframe, other factors considered were the importance of keeping the school community together in Stamford, transportation and traffic implications, IT requirements and the feasibility of providing food service.

A special meeting is scheduled for this evening (11/7) at 8:30 to finalize the details and obtain Board approval. It is expected that the contract will be signed by Mayor David R. Martin and Building and Land Technology, Inc. CEO Carl R. Kuehner III immediately following affirmative action by the Planning Board, Board of Representatives and the Board of Finance.

“I couldn’t be more pleased that we have reached our goal of moving our students and staff together to a safe learning environment as soon as possible,” said Superintendent Kim. “Stamford is a community that supports one another in times of need, and this experience is a demonstration of just that. I am particularly grateful to the Mold Task Force members, Westover leaders and BLT, who have been working around the clock to make this happen, as well as all of our community partners who have provided support and services over the past week to serve our students’ needs.”

The ability to finalize this solution for the Westover community was only accomplished with the coordination and support of many City and Board of Education departments, as well as numerous community partners and businesses. Specifically:

Buildings Department

Environmental Protection Board

Planning and Zoning Boards

Bartlett Arboretum

Ferguson Library

Police Department


Finance and Purchasing Department


Board of Finance

Fire Department


Board of Representatives

Fire Marshal

Stamford History Center

Boys and Girls Club

First Student

Stamford Museum and Nature Center


Health Department

Stamford Public Schools Staff

City and BOE Transportation Departments

Health Inspectors

Westover Community

Communication Team

IT Department



Land Use Bureau

Yerwood Center

Engineering Department








Media Contacts:
Sharon Beadle, Stamford Public Schools
Taylor Gray, City of Stamford