The Mold Task Force Announced Westover Will Be Closed Indefinitely

Staff and Parent Meeting Will Be Scheduled
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The Mold Task Force, which comprises Stamford Public Schools (SPS), the Stamford Board of Education (BOE) and the City of Stamford, announced at a press conference today that after a thorough review, the work required to remediate, restore and repair Westover so it is safe and conducive for learning, cannot be completed in our anticipated timeframe.  Therefore, the only course of action is to relocate all students and staff to an alternative location for what is likely to be the remainder of the school year.

The Mold Task Force is committed to keeping all students and staff together in one location and is currently reviewing the feasibility of several Stamford buildings. The goal is to move the Westover community into a safe, temporary location as soon as possible.

Our first priority is that our students and staff members are safe. Our second priority is to minimize the disruption to learning. Relocating the school community is the safest, least disruptive and most cost effective solution to this issue.

To aid the Task Force in the collection of data, any evidence of water or mold in any of our school buildings should be sent to: or by calling (203) 977-4847.

A meeting for staff and parents will be scheduled for the week of November 5. Details will be forthcoming.