Board of Education Passes Resolution on Students' Freedom of Speech

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The Stamford Board of Education (BOE) held a special meeting on Friday, March 09, 2018, to vote on a resolution regarding the BOE’s position on Stamford Public Schools students’ freedom of speech.  The BOE approved (5-0-3) the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education’s position on students’ freedom of speech is as follows:
WHEREAS, in this current climate of shootings in public schools, students  feel their lives are at risk in their classrooms and school hallways where they should be most safe, and
WHEREAS,  there can be no greater obligation for the Stamford Board of Education than ensuring that our students feel safe,
WHEREAS, students have called for and organized events to express their concerns about school safety, and
WHEREAS, we must acknowledge those in our schools who believe themselves at risk and are today the most persuasive spokespeople on their own behalf, and
Now, Therefore
The Stamford Board of Education affirms its agreement with, and support for, constructive efforts by students in our schools to engage in the peaceful expression of their views on school safety and gun safety, including walk-outs and organized discussions within the schools, and
Agrees with the superintendent that the national crisis of gun violence in our schools is an appropriate occasion for voluntary student expressions of concern and demands for change while acknowledging and respecting those students who may hold different opinions about the issue of guns in our schools, and
Is proud that Stamford’s high school students have joined with their peers around the country to shine a bright light on the issue of school safety and the need for action and, further,
Calls on the Mayor and Superintendent to report to the Board on the progress of all measures taken to ensure student and staff safety in our schools.