Family & Community Engagement

How will SPS introduce new procedures for school to families and students, so that they are not encountering it on the first day for the first time?

Please ensure that your contact and emergency information, including phone number and email address, is up to date through your PowerSchool Parent Portal or through your child’s school to be sure that you receive regular communications from the district and from your student’s school. You should also sign up for District News and Alerts on our district website.

Will parents be allowed to come into the building to volunteer?

There is a temporary restriction on nonessential visitors to school facilities. In accordance with the recommendations of the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH), nonessential visitors will not be allowed to access school facilities before, during or after the school day when school is in session. 
This restriction will not apply to visitors or employees who need to access SPS Central Office in order to process paperwork, to attend meetings with school officials, or to attend a meeting of the board of education or other public meetings held at the Central Office.
Parents and guardians will be allowed to sign a student in/out, or to drop off items, such as lunches or medication, that will be needed during the school day, in accordance with the practices established at each building. To the greatest extent possible, parents and school employees are encouraged to arrange conference calls or use other electronic means to conduct conferences and meetings about a student’s educational program. However, parents may have access to other locations within a school facility, as needed, to attend scheduled conferences and meetings related to their child’s educational needs.

Will parents be notified when there has been a COVID case in the building or only in the class/cohort?

Should a student or staff member test positive, the school nurse will guide the family through a risk-assessment and implement the contact tracing process. Once the contract tracing is done, we will provide information to those affected families, without disclosing any HIPAA documentation.